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Sundays at 10am

“This church moves me like no other before!” J.L.

Come home to a loving family of believers who encounter God’s presence in our daily lives, growing together in the deep love of Jesus while He is making us new in every way!

reSURGE is a non-denominational, Global Legacy Network church. We enjoy heartfelt worship music that invites the presence of God. We flow in the prophetic and believe in the demonstration of the power of God. We have a Supernatural Ministry School, a School of Prophetic Arts, Transformation Ministries, Outreach Ministries, and Men's and Women's Ministries. "Young Kingdom Warriors" is our youth ministry, 7th through 12th grade. "Supernatural Kids" is our children's ministry, with classes for ages 4-12. Our Nursery, "Babes In Joyland," is devoted to bringing the love of Jesus to our babies, 0 to 3 years of age. If you are hungry for more than just church as usual, then Welcome Home!

reSURGE Supernatural Ministry School

It is critical that we all actually follow Jesus – that we really do become His disciples – and grow on to maturity in Him. RSMS classes offered are primarily designed to help us learn to live life in personal freedom and dependency on the Holy Spirit, and then partner with Him daily to bring the reality and power of the Kingdom of Heaven into our culture with His radical love. Questions? Email: rsms@resurgenow.com

Invitation From The Senior Leaders

We invite you to come with us as we press deeply into the heart of Jesus, so the Church can be restored to its original purpose of fulfilling the prayer He taught us to pray, “on earth as it is in Heaven." Come help us become a major epicenter of revival and awakening in this valley and in our nation.

About reSURGE

reSURGE was birthed by the Holy Spirit after much prayer, and with the conviction that the Church is to rise again in the same power, authority, and love that Jesus demonstrated, fulfilling its original purpose! This is only possible by pursuing an authentic, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. Come help us become a major epicenter of revival and awakening in this valley and in our nation.

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